Challenge A Librarian

Win Prizes For Playing Video Games!

That Is...If You Can Beat Us..

Come into the Mokena Community Public Library District and challenge Pete or Eric, behind the service desk, for your chance to win a loot crate prize!! Every month Pete and Eric will be challenging patrons, ages 10 and up, in popular game titles to see what everyone is made of! Each month we will be hosting a different game, from different systems, and all fun titles like super smash brothers, Nintendo sports, Mario Kart, and many more to come! Below we have listed games played and how many wins!


Super Smash Brothers:

Librarian wins = 30

Losses= 4

Mario Kart 8:

Librarian wins = 35

Losses= 2

Super Smash Brothers:

Librarian wins =1

Losses= 1

1.. 2.. Switch!

Librarian wins = 5

Losses= 1


Librarian wins = 15

Losses= 1

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Librarian wins = 25

Losses= 1

More titles coming soon

Loot Crate Items Include:

Doctor Strange Figurine
Minecraft T-shirt
Adventure Time Figurine
Kylo Ren Socks
Dog Plush Keychain
Rick and Morty

And many..many more prizes..