Sensory Programs:

The Mokena Library has a display for families to find information for loved ones within the autism spectrum. This library aims to make a place that fosters support, guidance, and understanding for your whole family. We hope this library becomes a place where your family can forge a bond with the community based on common experiences.The apple on the left is Mokena Library’s symbol of our support. This apple is on literature, books, or signs throughout the library. The apple shows that the items have information on autism or that the area is a safe place.

Sensory Yoga

Limit 10 (Registration Required) 

Sensory Yoga is a lot like yoga, but it puts a special emphasis on repetition, interactive activities and sensory play. Children should come with a parent or caregiver for a variety of music and movement. This program is designed for sensory challenges. The sensory benefits of yoga for kids are impressive! Yoga is a GREAT way to get proprioceptive (joints/heavy work) and vestibular (inner ear/balance) input. As an added bonus, it’s just plain fun!

Sensory Story Hour

(Registration Required)
Sensory story time is a lot like a traditional story time but it puts a special emphasis on
repetition , interactive activities, and sensory play. Children should come with a caregiver or parent for a variety of stories, music, and movement.

To Register For These Programs...

Please include how many people will be attending and what program you would like to attend. For general inquiries please message what program you wish to get more information on. Thank You!